Monday, July 31, 2006

Maybe SB Dunks Aren’t Dead... well..

According to the soon to be released 3-Bear series will drop in both Hi and lo’s and will have fur.. yep FUR blanketing the shoe.. Not sure how the good folks at PETA will feel about this sure to be coveted release but one thing is for sure kids will line the streets…

Dunks are Dead..??..

We’re so those guys…

Being that we we’re just getting started on this blog we figure that it’s a good time to introduce the crowd to our taste in music. We mainly focus on hip-hop but each one of us has our own distinct genres of interest aside from that. World likes Latin Fusion, Gomey has a thing for the Romantic period and J Land grooves to the Get Shorty movie soundtrack. That’s just how we roll. I throw on some Bach, sport a Thizz frown and ghost ride my whip (’96 Toyota Corolla with no hubcaps). But for now, here’s a few albums that made us high five each other at parties…

Dwellin’ in the first circle of hell…


Aesop Rock- Labor Days

He uses big words in a nonsensical fashion. Closely parallels my life philosophy- It’s more important to sound smart then to actually be smart. I feel this one was truly before it’s time….

Organized Konfusion- Stress: The Extinction Agenda

Can you spell Klassic? These guys were two of the most talented MC’s of their generation. More importantly, the album still sounds FRESH…

The Avalanches- Since I Left You

For those of you who have been waiting for DJ Shadow to remix Donna Summer, have we got an album for you. This album makes you want to stay alive ... "A smorgasbord of fun." (shout out to e for that one.)

The Foreign Exchange- Connected

“Seldom has a hip-hop album encompassed soulful grooves like Connected has.” A ridiculous fusion of Hip-hop, soul, and funk these guys were able to piece together a classic album having never met in person.. check it yall..

Ghostface Killah- Ironman

The last great album from Wu-Tang's golden era, helped spawn a revolution of biters. Absolutely classic.

Sean Price- Monkey Barz

With lines like "Let's play freeze tag with ice picks", Sean P comes out of nowhere with one of the great slept on albums of 2005. Animal noises in the background, this LP stays funky fresh from start to ending.
Kanye West Air Max 180's

Originally spotted about a month prior to the Nike air max pack ID was available on the World Wide Web. These bad boys are now up for action on EBay for a cool $2,000 happy bidding….

got more sole than a sock with a hole..

World B.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Mars Volta- Amputechture


Being that I'm arrogant enough to believe that what I say should warrent any of your attention I feel that my first record review should be of a band who probably has me eclipsed in the arrogance category. The Mars Volta are as recklessly artsy and hipster as any rock band out and their new album follows in the same vein. Fans will tease their hair out, put on tight jeans, dawn vests that should have stayed in the seventies, and buy sweet shades off ebay. Naysayers will continue to watch The Hills, put on tight jeans, dawn pastel colored polo shirts, and buy sweet shades off ebay. We're not all that different but, I digress.

It could be said that the album follows the typical Mars Volta formula of ridiculously long songs, non-sensical lyrics, and the use of more instruments then a 1930's big band. However this album, in my opinion, is a fusion of many of the elements from their two previous releases, Frances The Mute and Deloused In The Comatorium. Deloused was by far their most structured album as far as instrumentation goes (yes, I said structured) while Frances explores more of a free jazz style with lyrics about filleted skin, lakes of blood, and chewing on glass. The lyrics on Amputechture are much of the same. The lead singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala must be one haunted individual (or at least trying to be).

But I believe that the beauty of this album is to be found in the fusion of all of the Volta's ridiculous elements. I know that their particular brand of music isn't for everybody but because of them I want to buy some tighter jeans and tease my hair out. I believe that these guys are really pushing the envelope as far as rock music is concerned. We are fresh out of a decade where bland, boring, and ridgidly structured pop music dominated the music market place. This band, and this album, are the exact opposite. I don't know exactly what Cedric is singing about half the time but I'd rather not understand but appreciate a band then understand them completely and have them be revealed as trite and emotionally void. Also, I like when music is a challenge to understand. Again, I digress.

Amputechture starts out in much the same way that Frances The Mute left off. The first song has minmal instrumentation and a lot of blank space. In many ways (cliche!), the calm before the storm. It is then followed by by Tetragrammation (seriously guys, I can make up words to) a song that is nearly 17 minutes long and is probably the most instrumentally free song on the album. Vermicide follows and seems to be the only song that would be radio friendly because all of the rest reach ten minutes or more (with the exception of Asilos Magdalena). It is by far the most structured and pedestrian sounding song on the cd. It harkens back to the days of At The Drive In. I think that the album reaches its apex with the seventh song, Day of Baphomets. I think that it shows what this band is truly capable of. The guitar, drums, horns, ukalele (maybe?) all seem to be trying to steal the show but all mingle together to create a rather dense but enjoyable/accessible song.

In general, you're either going to love this album or hate it. I think it's incredible but my desperation to become a hipster is partially responsible. For those of you who feel the same way that I do and want to talk about it you can find me here, at trendy jean stores, and on ebay. Happy Bidding!

Dwellin' in the first circle of hell...

Bo Knows Tecmo Bowl..

Marcus Allen and Barry Sanders don't have shit on video bo..

got more sole than a sock with a hole..

LeBron IV...

Here are some new pics of next years Lebron's dropping next winter.. I believe Nike may have modeled the shoe after Neal Armstrong's moon boots...

got more sole than a sock with a hole..




Using a tactically trained primate (monkey), you have the ability to bound up stairs, open closed doors, quickly respond to noises in the room and maneuver in very tight areas. Since they are a biological entity, there is no need for an auxiliary power supply.

Monkeys can be trained for simple evaluations and retrievals, and are able to respond to commands such as “Open door” or “Go upstairs.”

They are not only quick but quiet, and they provide a nonthreatening silhouette. An armed officer is immediately processed as a threat, whereas a monkey would more likely be quickly interpreted as a small animal, such as a cat, and dismissed.

The initial investment in a Tactical Primate is substantially less than that in a tactical robot. Tactical upgrades are simply a matter of training; thus, unlike a robot, an animal would not become obsolete.

This is C.H.I.M.P.S., a reading, originally from April 2006, published Wednesday, May 3, 2006. It is part of Law, which is part of Readings, which is part of

For my first post I had trouble deciding whether or not to say something serious, inciteful, or just downright revolutionary....Well, in a way this is, I think that this was written by someone in Mesa who was serious...and, well, it's not inciteful. However, as a wise man once said, two outta three ain't bad...

Dwellin' in the first circle of hell...


Friday, July 07, 2006

HUF AM90'S.....

New pics of the soon to be released Huf AM90’s. Personally I think these could shut down the city by themselves. However I don’t care for the new trend of matching hat and shirts with a shoe release… don’t get me wrong individually I believe that the hat and the shirt are, well, dope… but, don’t let mom always lay the outfit out on the bed.

Ramen Review #1 "Hakusan Ramen"

Located near Sengoku Station on the Mita line, Hakusan offers up some of Tokyo's best Tonkotsu style ramen in my opinion. The soup is extremely rich, a little salty, and loaded with that unique flavor that can only be obtained from boiling pork bones overnight. The shop isn't much more than a street stand with no interior, which makes eating a little tricky. If you aren't lucky enough to get a seat at the one picnic table or two benches in the area, you have to eat your noodles squatting on the sidewalk. Nonetheless, people can be seen lining up at this place by the dozens on a daily basis. Hakusan is open from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am Monday through Saturday, great for late night runs after boozing at the izakayas.

- J Land Bram
Jordan IV Retro Release Date...

Just in case it slipped your mind, I thought I'd remind everyone that the Nike Jordan IV retro in fire red and white will be released on July 22nd at retailers worldwide. As you can see in the pics there's going to be a picture of Mars himself on the back of the shoe. Time for Jordan heads to get their crack fix...

- J Land Bram
Warp Magazine

Here's some photos from the latest issue of "Warp" Magazine from Japan. It appears as though the clothing company "Swagger" is going do some collaborations with Ghostface Killah, you can bet I'm going to cop that New Era hat if I find it. Ghostface will be in Tokyo performing at Club Ageha this Saturday. Oh, and Japanese girls are still hot.