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Using a tactically trained primate (monkey), you have the ability to bound up stairs, open closed doors, quickly respond to noises in the room and maneuver in very tight areas. Since they are a biological entity, there is no need for an auxiliary power supply.

Monkeys can be trained for simple evaluations and retrievals, and are able to respond to commands such as “Open door” or “Go upstairs.”

They are not only quick but quiet, and they provide a nonthreatening silhouette. An armed officer is immediately processed as a threat, whereas a monkey would more likely be quickly interpreted as a small animal, such as a cat, and dismissed.

The initial investment in a Tactical Primate is substantially less than that in a tactical robot. Tactical upgrades are simply a matter of training; thus, unlike a robot, an animal would not become obsolete.

This is C.H.I.M.P.S., a reading, originally from April 2006, published Wednesday, May 3, 2006. It is part of Law, which is part of Readings, which is part of

For my first post I had trouble deciding whether or not to say something serious, inciteful, or just downright revolutionary....Well, in a way this is, I think that this was written by someone in Mesa who was serious...and, well, it's not inciteful. However, as a wise man once said, two outta three ain't bad...

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