Monday, July 31, 2006

We’re so those guys…

Being that we we’re just getting started on this blog we figure that it’s a good time to introduce the crowd to our taste in music. We mainly focus on hip-hop but each one of us has our own distinct genres of interest aside from that. World likes Latin Fusion, Gomey has a thing for the Romantic period and J Land grooves to the Get Shorty movie soundtrack. That’s just how we roll. I throw on some Bach, sport a Thizz frown and ghost ride my whip (’96 Toyota Corolla with no hubcaps). But for now, here’s a few albums that made us high five each other at parties…

Dwellin’ in the first circle of hell…


Aesop Rock- Labor Days

He uses big words in a nonsensical fashion. Closely parallels my life philosophy- It’s more important to sound smart then to actually be smart. I feel this one was truly before it’s time….

Organized Konfusion- Stress: The Extinction Agenda

Can you spell Klassic? These guys were two of the most talented MC’s of their generation. More importantly, the album still sounds FRESH…

The Avalanches- Since I Left You

For those of you who have been waiting for DJ Shadow to remix Donna Summer, have we got an album for you. This album makes you want to stay alive ... "A smorgasbord of fun." (shout out to e for that one.)

The Foreign Exchange- Connected

“Seldom has a hip-hop album encompassed soulful grooves like Connected has.” A ridiculous fusion of Hip-hop, soul, and funk these guys were able to piece together a classic album having never met in person.. check it yall..

Ghostface Killah- Ironman

The last great album from Wu-Tang's golden era, helped spawn a revolution of biters. Absolutely classic.

Sean Price- Monkey Barz

With lines like "Let's play freeze tag with ice picks", Sean P comes out of nowhere with one of the great slept on albums of 2005. Animal noises in the background, this LP stays funky fresh from start to ending.


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