Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday, August 3rd.

I finished a painting today, thought some of you might be interested...

- J Land B.
BAPE Card Members Exclusive..

With much speculation on what the new fall hoodies will look like from A Bathing Ape today some questions were answered.. Three new designs, all of which will be offered, only to BAPE card members. Personally I think “crazy camo sweatshirt” is honey dipped..

Good luck getting you paws on one of these..


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Discover the music you never knew you liked..

Head on over to a free site that helps guide listeners towards music that they most likely never knew existed. I just entered in Mobb Deep (an old favorite of ours) and was greeted with 4 classic tracks from gritty tracks from various New York artists during the so-called golden era of hip-hop. Search genres that you may have been attracted to in the past but never actually adorned.. For example as we had mentioned in a previous post if you enter in The Avalanches we will receive a variety of funky jams sure to have you heading to you local record store for some new heat..



Recently I have noticed the resurgence of vintage Cazal sunglasses. With a bit of research I learned that this German company has been producing amazing futuristic spectacles for over 30 years. They peeked in popularity in the mid 80’s when b-boys and hipsters adopted the look. Today, the glasses are tough to find but as we have mentioned in previous posts you can find em on eBay for anywhere from $150 to $900 yep that’s right.. so keep eyes to the sky and an ear to the street (or an online auction)

Got more sole than a sock with a hole..


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Clipse Re up on Halloween..

Yep kiddos that is correct the highly anticipated Hell Hath No Fury LP, is due October 31.. This is the second official release from the brothers from VA. They also have just leaked a new single titled wamp wamp.. The beat (which is pure heat) was originally intended for Foxy Brown. However, when she lost her hearing the beat was snatched by the VA duo. There have been grumblings that Jay z and Pharrell wanted to give the beat to go back to Foxy after her hearing was recently restored.. The Clipse had other ideas and just leaked the song..

If you can get you hands on it check it..

Got more sole than a sock with a hole..

New Jordan Releases

For all those who crave Jordan’s like crack we got your temporary fix…

Jordan V.. drop date 8. 19

Jordan 4 dorp date 9.9

Jordan V drop date.. 9.30

Jordan V drop date 12.23

got more sole thah a sock with a hole..

B. free

With all types of hype surrounding Reggie Bush’s entry to the NFL I think its time to pay homage to in my opinion the greatest running back of all time while listening to some sweet jams.. (sorry just turn the volume off while watching)

Got more sole than a sock with a hole..

B. Free